A Valentine's gift that makes women feel pampered and adored,   lingerie is an essential item for the holiday that celebrates love and intimacy. If you are a woman, spicing up your Valentines celebration by surprising your partner with fine intimate apparel from Aricie  is also an excellent idea. Whether you are shopping for your partner or yourself, there is no better way to bring romance and seduction to your Valentines Day celebration than with lingerie.

Shopping for Valentines lingerie has never been more exciting than it has become in recent years, as there have never been so many options for style, design and color. However throughout much of history, intimate apparel was designed mostly just for its function, and usually to flatten curves instead of accentuate them.

It wasn't until the 20th century that the look and function of lingerie began to dramatically change.One notable development began in the 1930's, when varying cup sizes for bras were first introduced. However it wasn't until the 1950's that glamorous lingerie began to really catch on. This is when the number of designers began to grow, and different styles and cuts began to emerge. Still, lingerie seemed to go through phases, where in each era, only certain looks were considered acceptable or fashionable.

 In the last few decades, the variety of lingerie styles and designs that are in style at any given time has become increasingly unlimited. Men and women who are looking for lingerie today have an enormous selection to choose from. Currently there are so many types of lingerie that are considered in fashion, it's hard to go wrong with pretty much any choice you make. At Aricie, you can see this reflected in the wide selection of styles to choose from, as we offer only the most desirable and stylish intimate apparel.

 There are countless styles of bras that are popular today, such as the push up, plunge, shelf, triangle, contour, demi, seamless, strapless and much more. All different kinds of panties are also popular and available today, such as the classic bikini, thong, g-string, tanga, boyshort, and more. With so many styles to consider, choosing the perfect lingerie gift can almost be considered an art form.

 If you want to buy a woman something that you know she will love and wear often, start by considering what styles of lingerie she usually wears. Some women prefer a specific type of bra or panty and do not usually experiment with many different cuts. Therefore you may want to stick to what you know she already likes. However Valentines Day can also be a great time to try something new, even if it's a very sexy lingerie set that she will only wear for a very special occasion.

 If you have considered the options so far and aren't sure which type of bra and panty to buy, a babydoll or nightie paired with matching panties is an excellent lingerie gift, and will help to simplify your decision making. You can also consider a gown, robe, corset, bustier, or other intimate apparel options. Whichever type of Valentines lingerie you decide on, keep in mind that it is usually best to purchase a matching set when giving lingerie as a gift.

 Once you have decided on the style of lingerie, you also have a full range of fabrics and designs to choose from. There is fine silk, satin, lace, tulle, feathers, and more. Silk, satin and tulle are always sexy, and lace adds a feminine touch. To dazzle your loved one, you may want to consider romantic lingerie with sparkling rhinestone embellishments. There is also erotic lingerie, such as a pearl thong, which gives lovers a playful way to experiment and try something new.

 The other factor to consider when shopping for Valentines lingerie is the color. Bright colors can create a fun, zestful or youthful feel. Darker colors can be more elegant and seductive, and they also have a slimming effect. Pastel colored lingerie is terrific for those who desire a softer, feminine appeal. Patterned intimate apparel in beautiful floral, geometric or other designs is also very alluring and stylish.

 Choosing a beautiful Valentines lingerie set to purchase for your significant other is fun, and will add anticipation and excitement to the special evening together for both of you. The endless palette of choices available allows everyone to use their imagination, and select something that is unique and stunning. At Aricie, you can find the highest quality intimate apparel for the perfect Valentines gift, as well as the types of lingerie that women love to wear every day of the year.