It could also mean other things…  Go on, let your imagination run wild!


Samantha Chang's Silver Lotus Kimono is like a buttery chardonnay

At Aricie Lingerie we love our wine and instead of recommending that you go out to a prix fixe dinner at a crowded restaurant with overpriced wines, we would like to suggest you celebrate at home with a delicious bottle of wine. Spend time with your heart’s desire and cook up a special treat together. Afterall, in the comfort of your own home, clothing is optional, even in the kitchen, oh my!

We do have a few pieces of lingerie, which make us think of certain wines. So for a little fun, we’ve done a different kind of pairing below. See if any of these get your wine (or lingerie gift) palette going.


Aubade l'Insoumise collection

If your favorite glass is a buttery Chardonnay: 
Think of a green-skinned grape that produces the world's most popular wine. It is also the most famous and most planted wine grape. For such a common and popular grape, the white wine it produces can have many expressions. Some are heavy and buttery with a hint of spice, while others are light and crisp and perfect for watching sunsets on a summer evening. 

Samantha Chang's Silver Lotus kimono is the perfect blend of rich and buttery with a hint of spice.

For a light and crisp Chardonnay, try the Aubade l'Insoumise collection. It is light, crisp and perfect for a sunset at the beach.




Lise Charmel Precious Rose Pink Petal collection, Naory Souad

Though not a varietal in-and-of itself, rose is always pretty in pink! Rose is made from red wine grapes and the pink color--from blush to delightfully ruby red--is derived from letting the grape skins linger with juice just long enough to leave a trace of color.

The Lise Charmel pink demi bra and g-string is a pretty, delicate blush color but very seductive.

Souad Shelf BraAnd the Miss Noary Souad Shelf bra is made of quarter cups covered in feathers, dipping low between the cups with triple spaghetti straps that join under a ribbon bow on each side:- Simply delightful.









Christies Amouage Demi Bra and G-string

If you're the Pinot Noir type,
your favorite wine is constantly growing in popularity, Pinot Noir is the star varietal of Burgundy, France. A light-bodied red wine, Pinot is known for its approachability and beautiful color. It was also the featured varietal in the movie Sideways. 

When we think of Pinot Noir, we think of the Christies Amouage demi bra and g-string. It is light-bodied with star like qualities.







Cabernet Sauvignon: 
While Chardonnay is the world's white wine darling, Cabernet Sauvignon is the first red wine that comes to mind for most people. Cab is a bold, high-yield grape that is frequently used in blends. Whether blended to produce fruit-forward or earthy expressions, Cab will continue to be a world favorite

 R. Crescentini Disturbia Bra  Ispahan Grenade Demi Bra  Siberian Dream Underwire Chemise

The R.Crescentini Disturbia bra in purpleLise Charmel Ispahan Grenade demi bra and boyshort, and Aubade Siberian Dream chemise are all quintessentially bold with earthy expressions. Choose your favorite flavor. 


Hailing from Tuscany and synonymous with big bowls of pasta and rolling countryside hills, Chianti is the world's most beloved Italian blend. Sangiovese, Italy's star varietal, is the dominant grape in Chianti blends and this wine is known for its deep color and big, bold flavor. 

The Valery Calypso babydoll set in black or red, or the Parah Double String collection both offer big, bold flavor, uniquely Italian.

 Valery Calypso Babydoll Parah Double String G-string

Tempranillo is the star varietal of almost all red wines from the Rioja region of Spain and is also commonly used in Port. Typically very expressive, Tempranillo can display notes of tobacco, chocolate, and red fruit for a down-to-earth yet fun glass of wine.

When we think of Tempranillo wines, we love Lise Charmel Feerie Palmyre and India Dance with notes of tobacco, chocolate and red fruit, down to earth.

Lise Charmel Feerie Palmyre India Dance


Whatever you're doing for Valentine's Day (and night), we wish you a deliciously seductive one!