Giving outfits a more polished look, hosiery is a fashionable way to make an impact. When shopping for hosiery, there are many styles and distinctions to consider. Including garter belts, stockings and more, hosiery adds to the seductiveness of a sexy lingerie set. Worn with a garter belt or without, stockings make an erotic lingerie set more complete. Hosiery of many different varieties can create a tantalizing and enticing look.

With the development and improvement of hosiery over time, it has been called many different names, including hose, stockings nylons and more. A number of terms are also used to describe variations in length, including pantyhose, leggings, thigh highs, and more. Pantyhose provide coverage from the waist to the feet, while leggings end at the ankle. Thigh highs run from the mid-thigh to the foot, and can require a garter belt to keep them up. However stay ups are a type of thigh high that can be worn without a garter belt, as they are designed with an elasticized band to keep them up.


Dating back to the 12th century, the methods and fabrics used for making stockings evolved over time, with the introduction of new technologies and discoveries. With the invention ofthe knitting machine in the 1500's, stockings made with silk or cotton replaced the woven cloth that had been used until then. Silk stockings were mostly reserved for royalty however,as the luxurious fiber was expensive and rare. Beginning the 1940's, the development ofnew materials, such as nylon and Lycra, expanded the options in hosiery further. Lycra gave stockings a more snug fit, and many new styles and varieties became more popular.

With a greater variety of colors and types to choose from, stockings have made a strong statement in fashion over the last few decades. Styles such as fishnets, lace, and seamed hosiery became very popular for enhancing and completing an outfit. Hosiery with creative patterns and embellishments became more than just an accessory, with outfits often being built around them. Today, almost every different type of stocking is considered to be in style, allowing for many looks and designs to choose from.

With all of the different types of hosiery, another term that you should understand when shopping for stockings is the term 'denier.' Denier is a measurement that describes how sheer the hose are. Deniers are defined by a number that is based on the weight of the thread. Stockings with a lower denier number are more sheer, and have a finer weave than hose with a high denier. A standard sheer stocking is about 15 deniers, while a semi-opaque is 30deniers. 

At Aricie Lingerie, you will find some very excellent varieties of stockings including featured products in the video and list below:





  • Champs Elysees Pure Silk Stockings - Available in nude, off-white and black, these20 deniers classic 100% pure silk stockings are a rare find in the nylon and Lycra era.With a luxurious feel, these stockings are very fine, yet also durable and sturdy.


  • Phoenix Semi Opaque Stay Ups - These black stay ups have an elasticized band top that is designed with alternating dark and see-through stripes. With a semi-opaque look, these stay ups are made with 30 deniers.


  • Berlin Seamed Stockings - Available in nude or black, these sheer 15 deniers are back seamed stockings with a Cuban heel, and a reinforced toe. These erotic stockings are designed to be worn with a garter belt.


  • Eternelle Garter Belt - Simple and elegant, this ivory garter belt from Chantelle is made of refined French Chantilly lace, and finished with a satin band. The garter beltis adjustable in the back, making it a one size fits most. The garters have sturdy metal hook-ups, and they can be adjusted to different heights.


  • Athena Footless Leggings - These black footless leggings have 70 deniers, for a matte opaque look. These leggings look great when worn with a longer top, jacket or sweater, and boots.


Exploring the hosiery section at Aricie Lingerie you will find a number of various styles to choose from. At Aricie Lingerie, the selection of the high quality hosiery provides terrific options to complement your wardrobe and lingerie sets, with garter belts, stay ups,leggings and more.