Italian lingerie designer Cotton Club has created an exceptionally enticing collection: Peacock Butterfly which is a composition of diverse mini collections. In this blog, we will focus on some Peacock Butterfly creations that are expertly crafted in sheer tulle and Leavers lace, and some others in all Leavers lace.


The Cotton Club Peacock Butterfly Hecate camisole is a sheer black tulle camisole with a straight across neckline of pink Leavers lace which continues in back as a sumptuous adornment. With straps that are adjustable, this camisole has a sheer body of tulle, ending in another lavish display of pink Leavers lace at the bottom. Pair it with the black and pink Circe tanga for a smashing set.


The Cotton Club Peacock Butterfly Circe tanga is a classic tanga with a front of tulle and two-toned Leavers lace, lined with a sheer layer of tulle. Its t-back is of one layer of stretch tulle adorned with a medallion of Leavers lace. The Circe tanga is designed to be paired with the Peacock Butterfly Cecilia chemise and the Hecate camisole.

The Cotton Club Peacock Butterfly Cecilia chemise is a sheer chemise of fine tulle and two-toned Leavers lace. With double spaghetti straps in front and a single elasticized adjustable strap in back, the Cecilia chemise has an A-line shape to flatter a woman's figure. Its tulle body is on the shorter side and its bottom is lavishly adorned with two-toned lace. Its matching companion is the Circe tanga of the same tulle and lace.

The Cotton Club Chazara camisole from the Peacock Butterfly collection is a lovely, all-lace camisole with gathered cups and double spaghetti straps. It is a V-neck, longer, past-the-waist camisole, made entirely of a glistening stretch Leavers lace in a vibrant aqua blue color. For a beautiful set, it can be paired with the Erynnis boythong, its equally radiant aqua blue matching thong.

The Cotton Club Erynnis boythong from the Peacock Butterfly collection is an all-lace boythong, which is a boyshort with a thong back. It is entirely made of a shimmering Leavers lace in a lively aqua blue. The Erynnis boythong is a lovely complement to the Chazara camisole.

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