In my 33 years in the lingerie business, one experience stands out: the most often cited seduction fantasy revolves around the garter belt and its stockings- all shapes of garter belts hooking to various styles of stockings. The second most recurrent hopeful desire would be a glance at legs dressed in thigh-high stay-ups. In other words, the pantyhose- no matter how fashionable or intricately designed- is a mood killer, except of course for the pair of pantyhose that is cut out to simulate an all-in-one garter belt and stockings.

At Aricie Lingerie, we propose to bring a dash of excitement to your boudoir with these 10 seductive stockings and stay-ups.
The Cette Bali lace top stockings are 20 deniers sheer lycra stockings with a wide lace top band and reinforced transparent toes. These are stockings that require a garter belt.
The Cette Berlin seamed stockings are 15 deniers sheer, back seamed stockings with cuban heels and reinforced transparent toes. They are available in all black and nude/black. The nude and black version has a nude leg with a black top, black seams and black cuban heels. These are stockings to be worn with a garter belt.
The Cette Cristal stockings are sheer, classic stockings to wear with a garter belt. They are 18 deniers sheer, 90% polyamide and 10% spandex, with reinforced transparent toes.
The Falke Fond de Poudre stockings are ultra transparent stockings with a perfect fit for flawless legs and an even mesh structure due to its 3D-knitting. The opaque top is decorated with stripes for a decidedly contemporary look. These stockings will complement nicely any garter belt of your choice.
The Cervin Champs Elysees stockings are classic 100% pure silk stockings which are hard to find in the nylon-lycra era. For connoisseurs and pampered individuals; simply, it is all in the “feel” on the legs. Myth versus Fact: it is as sturdy and solid as any man-made yarn; yet it is extremely fine and feels simply wonderful.
The Falke Corsage seamed stay ups are fine stretch tulle stay ups with back seams and ribbon lace-up details on decorated elastic band. The top band is lined with silicone for a smooth adhesive effect. A stunning addition to any lingerie wardrobe.
The Falke Matt Deluxe 20 stay ups have a luminous transparency that makes your legs attractive and creates a naturally beautiful appearance thanks to the matt effect. These thigh high lace top hold ups have an even mesh structure due to its 3D-knitting technique, gorgeous decorative lace tops and a silicone coating that prevents slipping. These sheer and supple thigh highs will be a seductive complement to any wardrobe.
The Cette Salzbourg seamed stay ups are 20 deniers sheer hold-ups with back seams, cuban heels and reinforced transparent toes. A wide lace band adds to the glamour of these seamed stay-ups.
The Falke Lunelle stay ups are ultra transparent stay ups with an 8 denier delicate texture that will give your legs a stylish pearl-like appearance. They come in 2 color versions. The black/peacock stay ups are decorated with beautiful black and peacock feather style lace and are lined with silicone to prevent slipping. In the black version, the peacock feather style lace is all black.
The Cette Paris lace top stay ups are sheer lycra hold up stockings, with reinforced transparent toes and a wide lace top band which is lined with silicone to prevent slipping. The Paris lace top stay ups are available in white, black, ivory and red.
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