Creating the most innovative designs, Parah is a leader in Italian fashion and lingerie. The refined and elegant brand features lingerie that emphasizes a woman’s natural curves and femininity. Combining comfort with seductive lingerie designs, the Fior Di Loto collection from Parah is absolutely thrilling.


Available at Aricie Lingerie, these pieces are excellent for spicing up the evening with exquisite intimate apparel.

Fior Di Loto Culotte Fashion
The Fior Di Loto Culotte Fashion is a striking black panty that can easily be seen as a work of art. The haute couture design features strappy cut-outs in back that accentuate the derriere in the most enticing way. The Culotte is also made with sheer elastic tulle, and two lotus shaped medallions of lace. Wear this piece with the Fior Di Loto Padded Plunge Bra or demi bra for a complete look.

Fior Di Loto G-string
The g-string from the Fior Di Loto collection has a modern, sleek style in black. It is designed with three horizontal strings along the waist, connecting to a lace covered front that is shaped like a lotus flower. In back, there is a simple diamond of fine fishnet for a revealing appeal. Match this g-string with the Fior Di Loto Padded Demi Bra or plunge bra for a finished set.

Fior Di Loto Modal Gown
The Fior Di Loto Modal Gown is designed for elegance and style. Made with soft black modal fabric, the gown is intended for supreme comfort. The open square back is very fashionable. The modal gown is finished with lotus embellishments and a wavy hem.

Fior Di Loto Garter Belt
The garter belt from this collection has a very unique design. The side garters connect to lotus shaped medallions on the hips, with triple strings that form a v shape. The garter belt also has two simple front garters, and a top band that is covered in macrame lace. Available in black, this garter belt is ideal with the Fior Di Loto G-string and plunge bra.

Fior Di Loto Padded Demi Bra
The creative padded demi bra from the Fior Di Loto collection features black lotus shaped cups that are embellished with macrame lace. The fine bra straps are also covered with macrame lace. The demi cups have thinly padded lining for enhancing the cleavage. Stretch netting on the sides and back give this bra the best fit. Pair this demi bra with the Fior di Loto G-string or culotte fashion for a stunning set.

Fior Di Loto Push-up Plunge Bra
This stylish plunge bra is very endearing, with macrame lace cups that are shaped like lotus flowers. The bra straps are also finished with macrame lace. With minimal separation between the cups, this plunge bra is perfect for a low décolleté. The padded cups come with extra removable cookies for flexibility of wear. The intriguing Fior Di Loto Push-up Plunge Bra in black is best when paired with the Fior Di Loto Culotte Fashion or g-string.

These amazing pieces from the Fior Di Loto collection are made for excitement. Parah continually makes updated styles of intimate apparel with the finest quality and craftsmanship. You can always find a variety of lingerie from Parah and other top designers at Aricie Lingerie.