When you search for an “open g-string” on Google or YouTube, you might find a lot of articles about guitar playing or string instruments such as the violin. That’s because there is a string on each of those instruments which sounds at the pitch, G, hence the name “G-string.” Many musical jokes have been told about “Air on the G-string”, which is actually a famous baroque piece of music by Johann Sebastian Bach. You may not recognize it by name, but you’ve likely heard it before. The joke for musicians is because we think of air on the g-string, we are actually visualizing  the same air on the derriere, which you think of when you think of open G-string. This sounds a just a little bit naughty, especially for those stodgy old classical musicians (wink wink).

Unless of course, that’s the whole point of the open g-string:- In lingerie circles the open g-string is the ultimate in seduction, playfulness and daring. The open g-string is more about the open and less about the g, for the open is the point of pleasure you see. 

For classical music lovers Air on the G string is one of those pieces of music which seems to transcend the soul and make one feel like they are experiencing a little piece of heaven. The music has been said to be sublime, perfect, simply beautiful and what better homonym to have than the open g-string which has many similar qualities if you really think about it, ahem!  I’m sure there are many men and women who think of this open G-string tanga as sublime and simply beautiful. What sweet seduction from both the piece and the panty!

Watch this video of “Air on the G String” played by the BBC Proms orchestra and you’ll see many musicians who are the complete antithesis of stodgy. In fact it is quite fun to imagine some of them in said open G-string which they are playing about. 


The thong/tanga variety of G-strings come in open and closed forms, but I think the open G-string lends itself most readily to Bach’s Air on the G String composition. An air is actually song and the open G-string is really something to sing about.

Carmen Open G-string      Sheerazade Open G-string


Most open G-strings come with some or other form of ornamentation. There are some with crystals, some with charms, others are beaded and they are often made out of lace, satin for that unforgettable feel and evening adventure. I was actually surprised to note from our catalog that there are even a few names of G-string, which harken to heroines in music. Lola Luna’s Carmen Open G-string is a classic example, paying homage to the opera, Carmen by Bizet and Sheerazade is a fun play on Scheherazade, the beautiful damsel in 1001 Arabian Nights, another famous composition by Rimsky-Korsakov.

According to Wikipedia, "in music, the term open string refers to the fundamental note of the unstopped, full string."  It’s no wonder the G-string gets so much attention, it’s both fun to think about and fundamental to your next romantic rendezvous.