Lola Luna is a French luxury lingerie designer based in the town of Les Angles in the South of France. Lola Luna's expertise in lingerie design and manufacturing dates back to the eighties but today the great reputation of Lola Luna resides chiefly with its most famous piece of lingerie: the g-string and more particularly the open g-string.

Lola Luna's open g-strings are available in a wide variety of fabrics, laces, colors and accessorizing stones, with each combination as beautiful as the next. Lola Luna's open g-strings are intricate, well crafted, jeweled open g-strings. It is hard to just choose one, Lola Luna's open g-strings have indeed become precious collectors' items. At www.aricielingerie.comwe offer a wide selection of those alluring open g-strings, a few of which are highlighted below.



Lola Luna Caucase Open G-String

The Caucase open g-string is a sexy mini open g-string, made of fine black mesh topped with a playful ruffle of black tulle; turquoise embroideries are complemented by a detachable chainlet of turquoise enamel and rhinestones. The triangle in the T back is made of the same black mesh embroidered in turquoise and topped with a fine black tulle ruffle.
















The Honeymoon open g-string is made of white floral mesh and white calais lace; a swirl of white taffetas ribbon adds dimension to the whiteness. Two crystals adorn each side of the g-string; a detachable metallic silver chain with a moon crescent and an inlaid crystal makes it the honeymoon g-string.


















The front of the Ibis open g-string is black Guipure lace accented by a central embroidered flower in burgundy. Its side straps have rich gold rings adorned with fuchsia swaroski crystals. Its t-back has a small triangle of black Guipure lace. The open part of the g-string is brushed by a dainty feather in gray with white dots, which is removable. The Ibis open g-string is definitely a playful open g-string to add to your Lola Luna collection of jeweled g-strings. 
















Compared to all the Lola Luna open g-strings, the Kanza open g-string is perhaps the most classical and elegant. Its sage grey lace is tastefully complemented by a pink ribbon and a pink bow. An oval topaz Swarovski crystal dangles in its opening at the end of a long gold chain. More Swarovski crystals adorn the two sides. The Kanza open g-string is just exquisitely sophisticated and stylish.


















The Natacha open g-string is a beautiful addition to the Lola Luna open g-strings collection. Blending shades of cocoa, brown, topaze, amber and black, it offers a mix of laces as well. Chocolate eyelash lace is combined with sheer nude tulle and swirls of brilliant taupe embroideries. Side straps have golden links of small round onyx colored stones alternating with larger oval shaped stones in a rich topaz color. The open part of the g-string features a detachable golden chain of round black stones culminating with a rich amber stone pendant. 




The most eccentric of the Lola Luna open g-strings is the Messenger open g-string. A shiny silver fishnet combines with a dark teal grey lace and swirls of silver and smoky taffetas ribbons to create multi dimensions of grey for this mini g-string. A silver and gold tube encrusted with crystals contains a roll of paper for your love notes. Two crystal ornaments connect the g-string to straps of smokey grey enhanced with silver taffetas festoons.
















The Vanina open g-string has a sheer nude mesh embroidered with swirls of black and ecru embroideries. The focal point is a floral embroidery in tones of ecru, light pink and rosy beige. The opening is decorated with a removable triple silver chain holding three round pink crystals, an echo of the silver rings and pink crystals on the straps.
















The Yemandja open g-string is a gold and turquoise addition to the collection of Lola Luna open g-strings. It has side ties of sheer turquoise organza ribbons. Its open front combines gold and turquoise eyelash lace, fine gold mesh and gold organza ruffles to a most exotic effect. A pendant of delicate gold chains and turquoise stones dangles in its opening and two organza roses adorn its sides, making the Yemandja one of the more diaphanous and exotic open g-strings of the Lola Luna g-strings.






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