Luxury lingerie house Lise Charmel often likes to draw its inspiration from exotic lands. For its new dramatic black and gold collection, Lise Charmel turned toward India, its sumptuous embroideries and festive colors to give us stunning lingerie.
Here are 6 dazzling Lise Charmel Exotic Indie styles featured at Aricie Lingerie:
The Lise Charmel Exotic Indie demi bra is an opulent demi bra with sheer cups covered with gold floral embroideries, trimmed with black Guipure lace and gold swaroski crystals. A gold crystal on a horseshoe pendant decorates the black tulle between the two half cups. The demi bra's band is all sheer black lace and its double black satin spaghetti straps are embellished with medallions of Guipure lace and gold crystals. The Exotic Indie demi bra is Lise Charmel's interpretation of luxury with an exotic accent.

The Lise Charmel Exotic Indie push-up bra is a padded bra with a plunge design. Its padded cups have additional/removable cookies as an option to increase the amount of cleavage desired. Both cups are covered with gold floral embroideries on black tulle, trimmed with black Guipure lace. The bra's band is all stretch black lace, and the double spaghetti straps are black satin, embellished with lace appliqués. The Exotic Indie push-up bra is recommended for those who love exotic tones of black and gold while desiring to achieve a most flattering cleavage.

The Lise Charmel Exotic Indie long sleeves camisole can be worn as a piece of lingerie, as an attractive item of thermal warm wear or as a luxurious cami / outer clothing under a cardigan or jacket. Its composition of wool and silk makes it soft to the touch and gives it a good, hugging fit that is very flattering to a woman's curves. Its finely ribbed body is embellished with gold embroideries on sheer black tulle and its V neck is trimmed with opulent black Guipure lace. It is shown here with the Exotic Indie boyshort but it could be paired with the g-string as well.

The Lise Charmel Exotic Indie garter belt is a sexy garter belt of medium width, made of sheer black tulle enhanced with gold embroideries. It has four stays to provide control and three rows of back hooks to adjust its size. The note of opulence is provided by a garland of gold embroideries which embellish the front and back of the garter belt. This garter belt will add the ultimate seductive touch to any Exotic Indie ensembles.

The Lise Charmel Exotic Indie boyshort is an entirely sheer boyshort made of very fine black stretch lace, with a front panel of gold floral embroideries on soft elastic tulle. The stretch materials used in this boyshort give it a good, hugging and flattering fit, while the combination of black and gold hues gives it an exotic appeal. It can be paired with the Exotic Indie demi bra and push-up bra.

The Lise Charmel Exotic Indie g-string is a gorgeous and sheer g-string with a triangular front of gold embroideries on tulle, trimmed with black Guipure lace for a note of luxury. Its simple t-back is all black tulle and its side straps are entirely decorated with garlands of gold embroideries. The Exotic Indie g-string is the more minimal companion to the demi and push-up bras and is the ideal shape to wear under the Exotic Indie garter belt.

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