For its Desir Karma line, French luxury lingerie designer Lise Charmel takes its inspiration in the far away lands of the East to offer us an exotic collection full of sumptuous embroideries in luxurious jewel tones. The Bleu Karma color is designed in a deep teal blue tulle embroidered in hues of purple, silver, purple and burnt orange. The Bengale Karma offers a choice of purple accented with embroideries in violet, peach and marigold. At Aricie Lingerie, we feature both color combinations.


Desir Karma Tanga

The Lise Charmel Desir Karma tanga or thong is entirely sheer as it is made of a fine navy tulle with tiny floral embroideries scattered through its body and embroidered festoons on the thighs. A medallion of teal, purple, silver and burnt orange decorates its center front. The t-back is sheer navy tulle trimmed with the same teal embroidered festoons and a tiny navy satin ribbon.






Desir Karma Demi BraThe Desir Karma demi bra is the classic Lise Charmel demi bra with transversal seams. In cup sizes B and C, between the demi cups there is a keyhole adorned with a purple swaroski crystal pendant. In sizes D and up, there is no keyhole as the lace is reinforced between the cups and on the side bands for added support. The demi cups are sheer navy tulle with embroideries in shades of teal, silver, purple and burnt orange. Tiny round crystals are interspersed among the embroideries. Double spaghetti straps are navy satin decorated with appliques of teal embroideries and swaroski crystals. The Desir Karma demi bra can be paired with the Italian bikini and tanga of the same collection. 












Desir Karma Garter Belt

The Lise Charmel Desir Karma garter belt is a classic garter belt enhanced with four stays to help it adhere perfectly to the body. It is entirely sheer as it is made of a fine navy tulle with floral embroideries scattered throughout. Teal embroidered appliques and a tiny swaroski crystal adorn the top of the two front garters. The Desir Karma garter belt completes the other garments of the same collection for a polished, seductive look.


Desir Karma Push-Up Bra

The Lise Charmel Desir Karma push-up bra is entirely padded with extra cookies in the lower cups. The cookies are removable so the degree of cleavage can be adjusted. The padded cups are navy and covered in navy tulle embroidered in teal, silver, purple and burnt orange. The plunging design of the bra is accented by a swaroski pendant placed between the cups. Double spaghetti straps of navy satin are trimmed with teal embroidered appliques and tiny swaroski crystals. Pair this push-up bra with the Italian bikini or tanga of the same collection for a beautiful set.











Desir Karma Italian Bikini

The Lise Charmel Desir Karma Italian bikini is an entirely sheer bikini with no elastic on the thighs and back so there is absolutely no panty line when worn under clothes. It is of fine navy tulle with embroideries of teal, silver, purple and burnt orange with a central medallion to showcase its front. The back is equally sheer with trims of embroidered festoons. The Desir Karma Italian bikini is the perfect companion to the push-up bra or demi bra if you do not choose the more minimal tanga.


Desir Karma Underwire Bodysuit

The Lise Charmel Desir Karma Underwire bodysuit is a slinky, sheer bodysuit with beautifully embroidered demi cups and a full italian bikini style back. Its body is sheer purple stretch tulle with scattered small violet floral embroideries. Its half cups are richly embroidered in hues of violet, peach and marigold with a peach colored swaroski crystal hanging between them. The back of the bodysuit features a large V opening trimmed with violet lace festoons. The same festoons adorn the thigh areas, in front and back. A great piece for those who favor an all in one garment, with some coverage between the bra and the bottom but is sheer enough to be totally seductive.











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