Meticulous craftsmanship, exquisite detailing, and a sophisticated array of fabrics and laces define the collection of bra styles available at Aricie Lingerie. Bras are taken seriously here and we believe in perpetuating the art of the proper fit. All available bras at Aricie offer optimal comfort and beautiful design. 

More than half a dozen bra styles are available in our selection. They include: 

Demi Bras

A demi bra is a sexy bra style that slightly pushes the breasts towards the center for enhanced cleavage and shape. Revealing the top of the breasts, “demi” appropriately means half, as this bra provides coverage and lift for the lower half of the breasts. Demi cup bras have an underwire, to provide lift, without sacrificing comfort. Cut well below the neckline of clothing, the demi bra is an essential item for any wardrobe with low cut, scoop or square necklines. 


Plunge Bras
A plunge bra displays the top part of the bust, for a very sexy neckline. The plunge bra style is an excellent option for lifting the breasts, and creating the appearance of cleavage. With a low center in front, the angled cups of a plunge bra accentuate and maximize the curves of the breasts. Plunge bras also often include padding or lining, to create additional cleavage. Plunge bras are terrific with tops that have a wide neckline, as well as low-cut and v-neck tops. 

Triangle Bras
Triangle bras have seductive, deep plunging necklines, with triangle shaped cups. With a sexy playful look, the triangular cups may be sheer or padded. With or without an underwire, triangle bras are all the rage of the moment.  Triangle bras are popular because they provide the full coverage and fit of a full cup bra but their design is more modern and fashionable than the classic full cup bra. 

Contour Bras
Contour bras produce a reshaping effect for a youthful appearance, creating a sleek, sculpted silhouette. Featuring cups that are made to hold their form, the contour bra style enhances and adds definition to the natural curves of a woman's physique. Padded cups that are rounded add definition and symmetry, correcting the appearance of uneven breasts and in-between bra sizes. Supported with underwire, contour bras provide complete coverage with a smooth fit.

Push-up Bras

Push-up bras lift the breasts and push them closer together, to create maximum cleavage. At the sides of the bra cups, padding pushes the breasts up and in, for the allure of cleavage.  Push-up bras are also made with additional padding at the bottom of the cups, lifting the breasts to create a fuller looking bust-line. The arched cups and underwire of a push-up bra further enhance the appearance of cleavage. A push-up bra can dramatically transform the look of an outfit, filling out a loose-fitting or baggy top for a much more appealing style. 
Shelf Bras

The shelf bra style is a provocative underwire bra with quarter cups that reveal the nipples and most of the breasts. Shaped fabric cups that can also be padded support and lift the breasts from underneath, forming the ‘shelf'. Shelf bras are also made with underwire, providing additional lift and support. Shelf bras are pieces of seduction par excellence but they can also be worn to create a "natural" look under clothes.

Full Cup Bras

Full cup bras are favored by full figured women or women who prefer to have all their breast tissues contained within the cups. A bra style with more coverage, the full cup is designed to provide attractive shape, beautiful fullness, and relaxing coverage for the breasts. Full cup bras can also be very sexy when sheer and their straps are set closer together, making them popular with women who prefer straps that do not slide off their shoulders.


T-Shirt Bras

T-Shirt Bras are smooth and seamless, made to be unnoticeable under tight, form fitting clothing. T-shirt bras can feature contoured designs made of microfiber or 3D fabric , and do not have any raised seams or many embellishments. The cups are often slightly padded, to conceal the nipples and create a smooth appearance. The T-Shirt bra style provides a natural, undetectable feel and look under any type of top.
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