In French, an aubade is a morning love song. Aubade can also refer to a poem or a song about lovers separating at dawn. It is a noun that evokes desire and longing, thus it was a most inspired choice when a lingerie company adopted Aubade as its name when it debuted on the fashion scene in the early 1950's. Over the years, Aubade Lingerie has developed into a luxury brand promoting the art of seduction and positioning women's lingerie as a seductive treat for both men and women.

True to that vision, Aubade created its Boîte a Desir collection which features enticing individual pieces of lingerie presented in a sophisticated black box, the "box of desire". Each Aubade Boîte a Desir is a treasure in itself but it is also designed to coordinate with other Boîte a Desir elements.


Aubade Boite A Desir Culotte Coquine


Designed for playful encounters, the Culotte Coquine is a stretch lace black bikini with lacy side ribbons to tie and untie at your pleasure. To make it truly "coquine" or racy, Aubade positioned buttons from the front of the bikini all the way to its back. Thus is the Culotte Coquine within the Aubade game of seduction: ties waiting to be untied, buttons aching to be undone. 






Aubade Boite A Desir Open Up Triangle Bra

The Open Up Triangle Bra continues Aubade's seduction message with its all black lace cups which open up thanks to a small button placed at the start of each strap. The Open Up Triangle Bra carries on Aubade's vision of lingerie, which is lingerie for yourself and your partner.


Aubade Boite A Desir Babydoll Corset


This Boite a Desir is also called the triangle bra with garters. Made entirely of stretch black lace, it fastens in front, a feature most desirablefor its seductive appeal. With ties in back, its open body consists mainly of four provocative garters for stockings. Hooks, ties and garters continue the Aubade lessons of seduction. 

Aubade Boite A Desir Mask and Gloves


This  Boite a Desir contains enticing accessories to spice up lovers' games. The mischievous black lace mask is see-through and has lace ties in back. The gloves are fingerless and have playful ties to bind the two wrists together. To tie or to untie: Aubade's tradition of desire and seduction continues with these wonderful complements to the Culotte Coquine, the Open Up Triangle Bra and the Babydoll Corset.









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