Aubade of Paris, a French luxury lingerie house, first launched their "lessons in seduction" marketing campaign in 1992, creating  a sensation which reverberated throughout the world, where Aubade had established a fiercely loyal clientele. Through a gallery of polished, faceless, black and white photos, Aubade played on innuendos with their witty "lessons in seduction" where the public was invited to read between the lines. Each lesson gives women advice on how to intrigue, tempt and tease their men. Five years after the introduction of these cheeky lessons in seduction, Aubade achieved its second marketing coup: Aubade decided to capture  a selection of these lessons in seduction in an exquisitely suggestive calendar. Thus began another cherished part of Aubade's corporate branding and its most savvy marketing campaign.
Here is a look at the 12 lessons in seduction chosen for the 2016 Aubade calendar:
The Aubade Swinging Night collection is a feminine, modern and delicate collection which takes inspiration from the Art Deco world. It combines three-tone embroidery with its shiny lace and Calais lace and omnipresent geometric patterns. The bra necklines and back of briefs are transparent for a very seductive effect.

The Aubade La Belle Corsaire collection is inspired by the fantastical world of pirates. The Leavers lace with arabesque and flower motifs, the two-tone fabric with delicate motifs inspired by the world of piracy, and the intricate tone on tone tulle give this collection an intense aesthetic and visual richness.

The Aubade Camee Sutra collection is a romantic and seductive wedding line inspired by antique lace and embroidery work. A rich and sumptuous blend of braid and lace is combined with a delicate guipure motif.

The Aubade Oh Shelly Shelly collection is a light and scintillating range featuring a very trendy triangle bra among other shapes. The silvery small sequins on the lace make this pretty collection truly romantic and poetic.

The Aubade Onde Sensuelle collection is a basic collection but it is seductive because of its layered tulle work. It is an everyday line with a touch of glamour. It is refined, smooth and invisible with a play of matte and satiny fabrics.

The Aubade Jardin des Delices collection is part of the great Aubade tradition of embroidered lingerie, following in the path of the Tulipes and Fleur de Pommier.  Available in black and white on a permanent basis, it is also interpreted in various glamorous and modern color combinations where the three-tone embroidery is combined with printed tulle.

The Aubade Passion Creole collection is an exotic reinterpretation of a great Aubade seduction classic incorporating lace-up details. The contrasting lacing in satin ribbon is placed as a seductive detail between the bra cups and on the back of the briefs. This line combines delicate floral embroideries, a soft and satiny fabric and a refined tulle.

The Aubade Orient Excess collection is inspired by mashrabiyas, the traditional windows of Arab countries that allow you to look out without being seen. In this spirit, this collection features embroidered motifs that create a tattoo effect on the skin. Satin bows in contrasting colors complete the exotic appeal.

The Aubade La Meneuse de Revue collection is all about the 1920's with fringes, glamour and sequins. It is a festive and sumptuous line with a contrast between transparent lace and opaque printed fabric. The Calais Leavers lace features large floral patterns and the silky, shiny lycra satin is printed with Art Deco inspired motifs.

The Aubade Musical Club collection offers three styles of bodysuits that can be worn as lingerie or ready-to-wear. The bodysuits are knitted in an ultra comfortable Lycra fabric that is seam-free and hugs all figures to perfection. Super soft and very fine, it can be worn under trousers or a pencil skirt for a night out.

The Aubade La Passagere collection is a blend of Calais Leavers lace, satiny elastic strips and netting tulle which are worked into a bondage style with golden fasteners. The transparency of fabrics increase the seductive power of the collection.

The Aubade Male Sangle is refined eroticism with a bondage look. Vintage embroidery is decorated with a touch of gold metal and combined with ethereal tulle. The satin strips offer a graphic and sexy effect and the gold buckles and fasteners underline the collection's luxurious feel. The Aubade Male Sangle collection is all about elegance, seduction and eroticism.