Founded in 1958, French lingerie designer and manufacturer Aubade quickly revolutionized the luxury lingerie market by presenting the concept of lingerie in a new perspective- away from the perception of lingerie as a mere practical product. Aubade was the first brand to introduce matching lingerie sets and to use different color combinations in lingerie. Throughout the years, Aubade remained a pioneer and a leader in the lingerie industry by framing its products within the concept of shared elegance and desire for oneself and one's partner. Among the momentous dates in Aubade's history, 1993 will stand out as the year which saw the launch of the famous Bahia collection.


The Aubade Bahia demi bra has seductively low cut demi cups in embroidered cotton eyelet, separated by sexy lace-up details ending in a bow. Its wide cotton straps are comfortable and attractively adorned with a festoon of lace. The bra's band is made of the softest stretch cotton for ease of movement and extreme comfort. Originally introduced in 1993, this Aubade Bahia demi bra, incredibly, has preserved all its allure and popularity throughout the years.


The Aubade Bahia boyshort has a modern and sporty design, featuring a soft stretch cotton mix and the signature embroidered eyelet lace of the Bahia collection. With lace-up details on both hips, the Bahia boyshort is a contemporary today as the day it debuted and Aubade obliges by giving us new color combinations each season.
















The Aubade Bahia g-string is beautifully minimal with its triangular front, featuring the Bahia signature embroidered cotton eyelet lace. Double side strings of soft elastic cotton lead to a t-back of eyelet lace, framed by two ribbon bows. Of all the panties complementing the demi bra, the Bahia g-string is definitely the littlest of them all.
















In 1979, Aubade launched a brand new product: the tanga style panty, which has remained oh-so popular throughout the world. In 1993 when it introduced its Bahia tanga, the piece became an instant hit with its signature lace-up detail in back. Its front of embroidered eyelet lace seductively dips into a V, where it is adorned with a satin bow. Its stretch cotton t-back is trimmed with elastic festoons. Re-designed over the years to conform to newer fashion trends, the Bahia tanga has always retained its signature features and has remained an iconic element of the Aubade brand.














Taking its inspiration from its classic Bahia line, Aubade creates Bahia Couture: the Haute Couture version of its key range and a glamorous take on its different shapes. The demi bra is now interpreted in a luxurious, shiny Guipure embroidery in a sexy passion red color. The famous mischievous lacing between the demi cups is even sexier in its satiny version. The wide decorative straps now feature chic red festoons with satin ribbons and the band is now made of fine elastic tulle. To complement this sumptuous Bahia Couture demi bra, Aubade gives us the equally alluring tanga and waist cincher in the same ultra sexy red.
The Aubade Bahia Couture tanga is an elegant version of the iconic Bahia tanga with opulent shiny Guipure embroidery replacing cotton eyelet. It is also a sheerer, more revealing tanga with a brazilian back made of transparent tulle and the famous lacing is now an open weave of satin ribbon and bow. This Bahia Couture tanga is designed to be paired with the demi bra for an irresistible set.















The Aubade Bahia Couture waist cincher is a new sexy shape that adds a slimming element to the collection. The front of the cincher is entirely covered with luxurious, shiny Guipure embroidery, enhanced by bold and sexy lacing at its center. The back of elastic tulle features two stays, three rows of hooks and the four garters are not removable. Designed to complement the demi bra and tanga, the waist cincher is easily the centerpiece of the Bahia Couture collection.














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